Hannah Ayre
Participatory artist, educator and producer. Creating everything from small-scale crafts to large-scale outdoor sculpture and events.

Ceramics & Fire


Ceramics & Fire

I work with clay and windblown branches to create large-scale, site-specific, self-firing ceramic sculptures. The sculpture is also the kiln which fires it. The fired pieces are ephemeral, usually lasting for a few months, before slowly being absorbed back into the ground from which they came. Larger pieces act as a shelter, being big enough for a person to sit in. My work is about the construction, firing and performance as much as it is about the finished piece.



Sparks Will Fly


I was awarded funding to work with an Essex community to build and fire a ceramic kiln in an ancient woodland. Resident in the woods for two weeks, the community witnessed it taking shape. I firstly built a structure of branches which was then clad with clay.

Workshops with local schools and community groups to create clay dragons to be fired inside the kiln.

The children's clay dragons were packed into the kiln and smoke fired. This was fired during Wild Woods Day, an annual event to celebrate the woodland.  The public gathered around to witness the spectacle and to sample the snacks cooked on the kiln.

paper kiln, participatory art, ceramics, clay, firing

Paper Kilns, Cove Park


Micro residency at Cove Park in Argyll & Bute. The residency began with ceramics workshops for families and teens. I spent a week experimenting, learning, playing with newspaper, to create a series of paper kilns. Participants returned for a celebration picnic and to witness their work being fired in the kilns.


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SmART Thinking Schools

Schools project for the Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh. SmART Thinking is an innovative education programme that aims to help close the attainment gap in schools through arts and creative learning, supporting children and young people to reach their potential. I was asked to design and deliver a project which brought together my skills in ceramics and light. The project involved gallery workshops, in-school making workshops and curating an exhibition of the work the young artists had produced. More can be seen in the Light Art section of my site. Images by Sally Jubb Photography.


Forms Forces & Fire, Fruitmarket Gallery

Responding to the exhibition by Mexican artist Damián Ortega, I ran a five week ceramics course for young adults. We celebrated the end of the project by organising an event for friends and family to see the firing of our paper kilns. The project was commissioned by the Fruitmarket Gallery with support from Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop.


Flora Fossilised

A series of projects exploring the properties of porcelain. From small individual decorations to large scale installations. For a piece in a nature reserve in Oxfordshire I created impressions with objects found on-site and printed with clay which I dug from the site. For a residency in Craigmillar Castle Park, Edinburgh, I worked with the local community to create a huge collaborative installation for exhibition. Individual decorations have been exhibited at Gifted, an annual Christmas exhibition at the National Museums of Scotland.


Edinburgh Mela

Working with pyrotechnic outdoor arts production company Walk the Plank to create gigantic fire drawings. I managed a team of young people from a local secondary school to create the fire drawings for the opening night of the Edinburgh Mela.


Knit One Burn One, Spectra Festival of Light


I was commissioned to produce a fire drawing for the opening of Spectra Festival of Light, Aberdeen. School children helped to create the design inspired by the city's coastal location and traditional fisherman's gansey jumpers. Students from Gray's School of Art assisted in the creation and lighting of the piece.


Ceramics Classes for Adults


I have many years experience of teaching ceramics classes for adults. Courses are designed to suit both complete beginners and experienced students. Techniques include hand building, throwing, working with plaster moulds and glazing.